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Genuine church pews are the perfect way of providing traditional solid wood seating that is practical, individual and pleasing to the eye. Perfect for dining areas, kitchens and hallways.

All of our church pews are original, ranging in age from 50 to 140 years old, they come in a vast array of colours and finishes and are usually made of different species of pine and oak. Church pews come in every size and style imaginable. We always have a large range in stock that can be cut to your specific requirements, anything from a single seat to a 5 metre pew. If additional storage space is required some pews can be fitted with a lifting seat and box. Pews can also be mitred to fit in corner areas.

The most popular finish is the “revived church” where the original patina is kept but enhanced with further polishing. Pine pews can be stripped, sanded and wax polished if desired.

Pew pine
West Norwood Pew
Pitch, Vert Boarded
Farnborough Pew
Pitch pine
Enfield PewOak, panelled
Weston Pew
Pitch pine slatted back
Wallington Pew
Oak, panelled back
Idle Pew
Bromsgrove Pew
Frodsham Pew
Pitch pine
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